Course Price and Funding

Course Price and Funding

Price and funding of the commercial aviation course at the Academy

The price of the course is ILS 269,000.

Payment Method

The advance payment of ILS 59,000 will be paid by the cadet upon signing the agreement.
The IDF deposit can be used as part of the down payment amount.
The remaining amount – ILS 210,000 – can be paid in one of two ways:

  1. Funding solution for the Academy’s cadets for up to ILS 200,000.
    The CAA Commercial Aviation Academy in Eilat is collaborating with several banks in order to help the Academy’s cadets pay for the commercial aviation course.
    The banks offer the funding solution with excellent conditions and with payments of up to 60 months (5 years).
    Granting of the loan is subject to the discretion of the Bank.
  2. 20 payment installments from the beginning of the course.

In addition to the funding solutions, the CAA Commercial Aviation Academy in Eilat also offers employment and subsidized lodging options in Eilat. For more information, visit the following information page.


*** This text is written in masculine form but appeals to both men and women.

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