The Developers and Staff

The Developers and Staff

The developers

צביקה מושקוביץ יו"ר האקדמיה

Zvika Moskowitz

Chairman of the Academy

He was born in 1947.
He is the father of two daughters.
He is the grandfather of five.

He holds a degree in political science and labor studies from the Tel Aviv University.
In the past 25 years, he has led many successful ventures in marketing, tourism, advertising and communications.
He is currently the co-owner and active chairman of the Daka 90 Group, which he initiated and founded with his partners 20 years ago.

יוחנן שמר מנכ"ל האקדמיה

Yochanan Shemer

CEO of the Academy

He is 55 years old and married with five children.
He was born on Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael. He lives in Amikam.
He served 24 years in the Israeli Air Force as a combat pilot.
During his service, he held a number of command and training positions, including: the commander of an operational training course, the commander of the emergency squadron at the flight school, the commander of the training squadron at the flight school, the commander of an aviation squadron, comptroller in the Defense Force comptroller unit of the Ministry of Defense.
He holds a BEc in logistics and economics from Bar-Ilan University and an MEc in industrial management from Ben Gurion University.
In the past 11 years he has been a pilot with El Al Airlines.

קובי מור דירקטור

Koby Mor


BA in political science and national security, University of Haifa.
Formerly the Director General of the Israel Airports Authority, Director of Ben-Gurion Airport and Director of the Eilat and Ovda airports.

Academy Staff

יפעת רביד סמנכ"ל שיווק וקשרי לקוחות

Yif’at Ravid

VP Marketing and Customer Relations
מעיין מנדלברג סמנכ"ל תפעול

Ma’ayan Mandelberg

Chief Operating Officer

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