About the CAA Commercial Aviation Academy

About the CAA Commercial Aviation Academy

Pilots Wanted!

The open skies policy and the growing number of commercial companies and flights have increased the demand for commercial pilots.
The CAA Commercial Aviation Academy in Eilat has created an Israeli initiative that was founded to fulfill the need for commercial pilots of the highest professional level in Israel.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot?

The innovative course of the CAA Commercial Aviation Academy in Eilat makes aviation studies accessible to you. The course includes theoretical and practical studies at a very high level from a team of experienced and skilled instructors. You will receive all the aid and support on your way to the longed-for license stage, everything to make you a great commercial pilot.

The Academy facilitates attractive funding programs – the Academy signed a banking agreement with a number of leading banks in order to offer the option of receiving attractive solutions for funding the cost of the course for the Academy’s cadets.

Post-arm soldiers? IDF deposit funds can be used.

The Academy enables preferred work in hotels – the Academy collaborates with several hotel chains in Eilat in order to create a convenient platform for cadets to work and earn a living in a framework that includes lodging and meals at a symbolic price. The entire package we created for you in the Academy is designed to make the dream possible and to create the best conditions for you to learn with peace of mind. And look … the dream is coming true!

In addition to the national and global need for commercial pilots, the excellent reputation of Israeli pilots increases the chances that pilots who finish their training at an Israeli academy will be in high demand in Israel and around the world.

Behind the first Israeli academy for commercial aviation is a team of entrepreneurs from the world of civil and military aviation and the tourism industry.
The president of the academy is the former commander of the air force and chief of staff, (retired) Lieutenant General Dan Halutz.
Combining a high-level commercial aviation course with employment, lodging and funding solutions turns a dream into reality.

We are here to help you make your dream come true!
“Work in what you love, and you will not have to work another day in your life.”


*** This text is written in masculine form but appeals to both men and women.

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